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Monday, April 18, 2011

Dior's Little Shop of Horrors

Feeeeed Me Seymour!!, Feeed meeee!!!!


Did you notice the remarkable resemblance between the ring above by Dior Haute Joaillerie
and the alien-pod-plant-mother in the  film Little Shop of Horrors?

And yes these are really "precious jewels" not cheeky costume jewelry. What else would one possibly think? No, the ring band is not made with an anodized-aluminum knitting needle. The beads were not assembled by a crafty soul  for an Etsy boutique or a craft fair.
They are in fact really gold with real colored stones, diamonds, and acrylic automotive
lacquers and epoxy. No other medium could produce
 these  other-worldly colors, colors not found in nature,
but found on airbrushed skate boards and graffiti-covered walls.

Fleurs d’Excès or 

Fleur du Mal  
This rare edition is available from my friend  at Librairie Fata Libelli, Paris

All Dior jewels are designed by 
the forever  trendy Victoire de Castellane. 
Pictured above at a fancy dress event.

Fleurs d’Excès (the “Flowers of Excess,”)
Does that refer to the color or the cost? Unless of course you have beaucoup petro-dollars, then it doesn't matter.  It's not that I am opposed to petro-chemical buying power.  Console yourself at least these jewels utilize the latest in petrochemical-resin technology covering the gold with dazzling unnatural colors.

At a time of planetary strife how original is that?!

PR shot of Victoire on the job

For Vogue Gioiello March 2011
This is the nature of  business here in France. Haute Joaillerie
inspired by serious global currents like psychotropic plants, Japanese plastic toys, manga, and graffiti ; where the toxic fairy still presides in the land of absinth.

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