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Millicent Rogers, Boivin & Verdura

Several years ago I heard from Elizabeth Irvine Bray, the author of the wonderful book about the jeweler Paul Flato, that the above book was in the process of being written. I was informed that the author lived in Taos, I had high hopes that she would have unique access to Millicent's family and papers. I hoped she would shed some light on some of my lingering questions about Millicent's jewelry.
I have been looking forward to it's publication, and was fortunate enough to find this advanced copy
 of Searching for Style: the Life of Millicent Rogers by Cherie Burns. 
The illustrations I have included here are not from the book.

 Millicent and Mary Rogers in a photo taken by Van Day Truex  from Van Day Truex, by Adam Lewis
The story of Millicent Rogers family and her vast inherited wealth is well researched and well told.
Her life, relationships, and her fashion exploits are delightfully detailed, enhanced by interviews of living people who knew her.
Portrait by Louise Dahl-Wolfe 19…

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