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Friday, December 13, 2013

Jewelry History in London and Paris

Portrait of an unknown woman National Portrait Gallery London

A marvelous exhibition at the Museum of London
A mystery, an Aladdin's cave of treasure, a secret jewel hoard,  buried for over 300 years.
 A hoard of late 16th-early 17th century jewels found in Cheapside London in 1912.

It was a pleasure to see this collection in one place, with magnifying glasses!
The exhibition is well explained  and beautifully displayed, and the museum is wonderful.
This exhibition marks the 100th anniversary of the original exhibition after the hoard's discovery .

I am always interested in trade routes and technology.
For example, the sources of the stones, and the capacity to make these jewels.

Watch made from a Muzo Colombian emerald case with  a Swiss movement,  gold and enamel dial.
 I have seen many crystal-case timepieces this one is unique, believed to be the  only one made from an emerald crystal. 

Scent bottle, gold, Hungarian opals, rubies , pink sapphires, diamonds, and enamel.

-Page 199 of the catalogue The Cheapside Hoard London's lost Jewels-

Victoria and Albert  museum for an exhibition about pearls

And the National Portrait Gallery for portraits with
Sir Walter Ralegh (1554-1618) unknown artist oil on panel 1588
National Portrait Gallery London
Who knew, look at those pearls!

Back in PARIS
Cartier Paris pendant necklace 1922

Cartier Style and History more Images Here
More about Cartier Here

Cartier clock, king fisher feather dial, enamel rubies rose cut diamonds jade.

The great thing about Paris's a suburb of London!
Just hop on the Eurostar and you are in London in only 2 hours and 15 minutes!

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gésbi said...

What a treasure! I wouldn't mind if that little creature walked off the catalogue cover and over this way. Must get over to London!