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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Louvre Inspiration

 Long before the new pavilion of the Louvre opened,  
the the Islamic collection of the Louvre has been inspiring French Jewelers.
today we will look at these magnificent inlaid jade and gem encrusted dagger handles

Full  view of the dagger

 Jar Paris

 Brooch, banded agate, diamonds, silver, and gold by Jar Paris 1987
This exquisite  brooch is in the tradition of the carved jade dagger handles with a marvelouse twist.
No other jeweler working today has this ability, sparkle, or finesse.

René Boivin  brooches 1957
Grey brooch, gold, enamel sapphires, diamonds, ruby, emerald
gold brooch, ruby sapphire, emerald

 Mellerio dits Meller an "objet d'art" for those from oil rich nations.
Rather garish

Inspiration in all around very few know how to use it.
You need:
In depth knowledge of design history
A sense of sublime balance and form
A true spark of originality
Know how
there is only one JAR
the others working today...well there is no comparison.

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