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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Do You Believe in Magic

 Do you believe in Magic?

I do.
 The pure magic of crystals

Image Christie's

I believe in the energy of color.  Colors have the capacity to arouse emotions. 
Color can quicken the pulse, and
make one giddy.

This happened to me the first time I saw a genuine Kashmir sapphire it literally took my breath away.
I felt as if I were tumbling inexorably into the eternal  blue.

The first Burma ruby I ever  saw was electrifying.  It was radiant, glowing with 
an exciting inner liveliness. This quality is not found in other rubies.
When under a UV light it fluoresces like the tail light of a Ferrari.
Did you know that rubies and sapphires are actually the same mineral, corundum?
 Image Christie's 
An antique violet sapphire and diamond brooch.

Sapphires come in multiple colors, violet, orange, yellow, pink. When corundum is red it's a ruby.

 Antique Siberian amethyst and diamond necklace.

Did you know that Amethysts from Siberia have pink fire?

Amethysts are quartz just like citrine,  brownish smoky, orange,  green, and rose quartz.
 Quarts comes in purple, orange, green , rose, brown,
One can not help but wonder thinking about this magical array.

Opals are outrageous.
 There are even bright orange ones called fire opals.

 White, green,yellowish heliodor, aquamarine,  pink morganite, these are all beryls.

So subtle are the limpid beryls.
Emeralds are beryl's too.

White is every color of the rainbow held within.

"White strikes us like a great silence that seems absolute. Internally we feel it is like a non-sound, similar to musical pauses which interrupts the development of a phrase.  It is a rich potential. It is the youth of nothingness" Wassily Kandinsky

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