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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Go Go Chanel

Going going gone after Friday.
Vintage Haute Couture sale  Chanel 1910-2010
Drouot-Richelieu Salle 5
Thursday February 25,26

Back of the dress above

More little black dresses

Don't forget the accessories!


Paris Atelier said...

Oh My! I think I am in love...with everything in this post! Stunning, I'm a huge Chanel fan and that amazing Black and Cream dress with the train reinforce why!
Wonderful Post!

little augury said...

Yes, that dress! that's the one. Any of the jewelry, I particularly like the bracelet(is it acrylic?) with the topaz stones and the amethyst brooch is gorgeous. The picture of Chanel too-the mittens caught my eye immediately.

Debra Healy said...

Thank you Judith, and LA. I too love that dress. Great eye PGT, you Chose my favorite jewels as well, and the mittens Scandinavian perhaps, but with with leopard, only Chanel.

PGT, what a lovely write up on the Style Saloniste, very well deserved!